Story 97: A Thirsty Christian

Travelling through the distance between Makkah and Madinah, Imam al-Sadiq ('a) accompanied with his well-known servant, Musadif, saw a man who had thrown himself on a trunk of tree, his situation was not extraordinary.

The Imam ('a) said to Musadif: "Let's go towards this man. He may be feeble of thirst."

Musadif said: "Yes".

By the order of Imam ('a), Musadif dismounted his horse and offered him water. It was obvious of the stranger’s appearance, aspect, and dress that he was not a Muslim but a Christian.

When they both went out of there, Musadif asked the Imam ('a) a question that is: "Is it permissible to give alms to the Christian?"

The Imam ('a) replied: “In case of need, such as the present situation, yes.”1

  • 1. Wasa'il, v. 2, p. 50.