About the Authors

Sayyid Moustafa al-Qazwini was born in Karbala, Iraq. He graduated from the Islamic seminary in Qum, Iran and immigrated to the U.S. He is an author of several Islamic books and lectures across the nation. He is the founding Imam of the Islamic Educational Center of Orange County, California.

Fatma Saleh a native of Lebanon, raised in Southern California since 1971. She is an active member in the Muslim community of Los Angeles. She has published writings on Islam and speaks at universities and religious institutes on Muslim women.

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the most Compassionate
“By the token of time,
Verily Man is in loss,
Except those as have faith,
and do righteous deeds,
and join in mutual teaching of truth,
and of patience, and constancy.”
Qur’an, Surah al- ‘Asr, 103

Like the soul longing for its Creator,
our work is dedicated to
the One and Only,

I’d like to thank my husband, Hassan,
my children Ali, Lena, and Dena,
my parents,
and my teacher Sayyid Moustafa.

Without your patience it would not have been possible.

Thank You,