Glossary of Arabic Terms

Adil- Religiously just.

Akhlaq- Morality.

Al-hakim al-shari- An authorized religious judge.

Auser- Difficulty.

Ba’aen- An irrevocable divorce.

Fugaha- Islamic jurists.

Muftadha- A woman known for or repudiated with acts of indecency.

Haqq- Religious right.

Haq al-irwa al-jinsi- Right of wife for physical gratification from her husband.

Haq al-maiyah- Right of spouse for companionship.

Haq al-ta’a- Right of obedience.

Haqq istimta’a- Right of spouse for physical and emotional company.

Hajj- Pilgrimage to Mecca; an obligatory act of worship for Muslims.

Hijab- Mandatory covering of the female body.

Hijra- Immigration.

Hukom- A religious verdict.

Imam- Muslim religious leader.

Iddah- Waiting period for a divorced woman.

Khul’a- Grounds for divorce used for the wife who has developed an aversion toward her husband.

Nifas- Post-partum blood.

Nufaqa (nifiqa)- Right of wife and children for living expenditures.

Nushuuz- One spouse breaching family law.

Mahr- Mahr.

Mehr-I-mithel- Comparative or equivalent value of mahr.

Mua’malla- Good dealings with people.

Mubah- Permissible.

Mubarat- Grounds for divorce used for couples who have developed mutual aversion toward one another.

Mudaba- Showing affection toward one’s spouse.

Muharam- A woman’s immediate relatives (father, husband, son, brother, uncle, nephew, grandfather & son in-law).

Mukalif- A person who is required to practice God’s commands.

Mujahedeen- People who strive to accomplish a specific religious goal.

Muthajia- Being in bed with one’s spouse.

Reje- A revocable divorce.

Shairiah (shari)- Islamic laws.

Shiqaaqa- Both spouses breaching family law.

Tamkeem- Wife making herself available for her husband.

Tasleem- Surrendering to Allah.

Wakil- Representative of suit; power of attorney.

Wajib- Mandatory.

Wathrebuhun- Described by the Prophet as a light tap.