Preliminary Notes

It is customary in Islam that each time the name of Allah, the prophet Muhammad, prophets, or imams (descendants and successors of prophet Muhammad) are enunciated, the following phrases are mentioned.

Allah- “Sabhanna wa-ta’alah.” Written abbreviations – SwT.

Prophet Muhammad- “Peace be upon him and his family.” Written abbreviations- pbuh&hf.

After the names of prophets and imams from the family of the Holy Prophet- “Peace be upon him/her.” Written abbreviations- pbuh.

With all due respect, admiration, acknowledgment, and praise we have omitted the mentioned phrases for the sake of continuity and have stated them in the beginning:

In the name of Allah, the most Merciful, the most Compassionate:

Subhanna wa-ta’alah.
Peace be upon him and his family.
Peace be upon the prophets.
Peace be upon the imams.