17. Al-Wahhabالوهاب

Allah (SwT), the Most Exalted, the Most High, teaches His servants how to supplicate to Him thus:

“Lord! Do not let our hearts deviate after having guided us, but grant us mercy from Your own Presence, for You are the Grantor of bounties without measure” (Qur’an, 3:8).

Al-Wahhab is derived from the proper noun hiba the verb of which, yahib means: to make someone else the owner of what the giver, the first party (the doer), rightfully owns without asking the second party for any compensation in return. It is the gift which is free from any recompense or gain for the giver.

If someone gives out such gifts quite often, he will earn the titles of jawad and wahhab, the generous one, the oft-giving, respectively. Allah (SwT) Almighty is described as the Most Generous, the Most Giving, i.e. al-Wahhab, simply because He gives everyone according to his means. Among Allah (SwT)’s Attributes are al-Wahhab and al-Wahib. The latter Attribute means: the giver, whereas the first is a superlative of the latter. One who is wahib is one who grants many gifts.

Al-Wahhab is the One Who gives away without a compensation; He bestows His favors on His servants without a selfish end; He grants even without being asked; He is the One Who initiates giving, and He is the oft-Giver. Allah (SwT) is surely al-Wahhab because He is the Most Munificent, the Most Giving, the One Who ever tries to get closer to His servants, Who graciously bestows His favors on them, Who gives them even before they ask Him, the ever-Giver Who gives everyone what he needs.

Al-Wahhab bestows His blessings on His servants, and this indicates His inclusion of everyone as He continuously gives. He does not give painstakingly, nor does He seek a benefit, or an advantage, for Himself by doing so. Al-Wahhab showers you with His blessings without having to have a reason or a means to do so. Al-Wahhab gives away without being compensated for what He gives, and He causes all beings to die without a particular purpose He seeks to achieve for Himself. According to Surah al-Shura,

“He bestows (children), male or female, according to His Will (and Plan)” (Qur’an, 42:49).

Whenever the Messenger of Allah (S) used to wake up during the night, he would supplicate thus:”Lord! There is no god but You! Glory to You! Lord! I seek Your forgiveness for my sins, and I plead to You, by Your mercy, O Lord, to increase my share of knowledge, not to permit my heart to deviate after having guided it, and to grant me, from You, a mercy, for surely You are al-Wahhab...”1

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