3. Ar-Rahim ‎الرحيم

Allah (SwT), Praise and Glory to Him, has said,

“Inform My servants that I am the Forgiving, the Merciful” (Qur’an, 15:49).

Ar-Rahim‎ is derived from rahma رحمة, mercy or compassion. Rahma implies the salvation of those who receive it from harm and loss, and their being blessed with guidance, forgiveness and sound conviction. Ar-Rahim‎, i.e. the One Who grants rahma, is a superlative. It is the highest derivative form of rahma. Allah (SwT) has said,

“He it is Who sends His blessings on you, and (so do) His angels, so that He may bring you out of utter darkness into the light, and He is Merciful to the believers” (Qur’an, 33:43).

Ar-Rahim‎ is the One Who bestows countless blessings. Some say that this word is derived from Rahim‎, and we have already come to know that the root word for it is rahma, that is, favors from Allah (SwT) and blessings; surely His blessings cannot be counted, nor can they ever be exhausted.

The Messenger of Allah (S) has said,”One who has no compassion towards people is deprived of Allah (SwT)’s Compassion.” He has also said,”One who does not respect the seniors among us, nor shows compassion towards our young, nor safeguards the rights of the scholars among us, is surely none of us.” Compassion towards the servants of Allah (SwT) is a sure path to achieving the mercy of Allah (SwT). The Messenger of Allah (S) has said,”Be merciful unto those on earth so that those in the heavens may be merciful unto you.”