62. Al-Mumeet المميت

Allah (SwT) has said,

“He it is Who makes (men) laugh and makes (them) weep, and He it is Who causes death and grants life” (Qur’an, 53:43-44).

Death is the antithesis of life. A wind dies when it stands still. A human dies when he sleeps; sleep is called death by way of analogy: It causes the faculties of reason and almost all other bodily movements to stop. The mawat is the land which was never tilled. One whose heart dies is dumb, stupid, idiotic, the warmth of his reason cooled down and died out.

Al-Mumeet, the Almighty, decrees death for whomsoever He pleases; none causes death except He. He has subdued His servants by death, causing them to go back to the earth from which He had created them to be covered with dust...

Al-Mumeet has caused the heart of sinners to die because of going against His will. He is the Creator of death. He has caused the tyrants to die out of His mercy for the living. He causes the oppressors to die on account of their disrespect for Him. He causes the land to die, rendering it barren, growing no vegetation, then He brings it back to life when it produces. He brings to life His Sunnah by causing His prophets to inherit it from their predecessors, and He causes the death of innovations through the life of knowledge.

Once, the Messenger of Allah (S) performed the hajj then stood over the Safa, overlooking the House, the Ka’ba. Then he made three takbeers saying,”There is no god except Allah (SwT), the One and only God; there is no partner with Him; His is the kingdom; to Him is all Praise due; He brings to life and causes death; in His hand is all goodness, and He can do anything at all.”

Abu Dharr al-Ghifari, may Allah (SwT) be pleased with him, is quoted as saying that whenever the Messenger of Allah (S) was ready to go to bed at night, he would say,”In Your Name do we die and live,” and whenever he woke up, he would say,”All Praise is due to Allah (SwT) Who has brought us back to life after having caused us to die, and to Him is our final return.”