9. Al-’Aziz العزيز

The Almighty has said,

“O Moses! Surely I am Allah, the Omnipotent, the Wise” (Qur’an, 27:9).

The root word of this Attribute is ‘izz, might, power, strength, victory, elevation, non-submission. Its verb means: to strengthen or to support as in:

“We sent them two [messengers] but they called them liars, so We strengthened them with a third” (Qur’an, 36:14),

that is, supported them and their argument with a third messenger. Linguistically, its verb means: to overcome, to gain the upper hand, to subdue...

Al-’Aziz is the One Who Alone has all honour; He is never humiliated, nor is He ever wronged; neither imagination nor intellect can ever conceive Him. He is the One Who cannot be overcome or in any way harmed, the One Who has no peer nor a similitude, Who is very much needed, Who is victorious and is never vanquished, the Mighty, the Omnipotent Who can never be reached.

The Almighty has described Himself as al-’Aziz, narrating in His Book, the Holy Qur’an, an anecdote about Jesus (‘a) pleading to Him thus

“... If You forgive them, surely You are the Mighty, the Wise” (Qur’an, 5:118).

He has also said,

“And to Him belongs greatness in the heavens and on earth, and He is the Mighty, the Wise” (Qur’an, 45:37).

He has proven that He has in Him all the Attributes of Greatness, saying,

“To Allah belongs the might, and to His Prophet, and to the believers” (Qur’an, 63:8),

and also,

“Glory to your Lord, the Lord of Honour, above what they describe” (Qur’an, 37:180).

While discussing Iblis, He quotes him saying,

“... by Your Might (do I swear that) I will surely make them live an evil life, all of them” (Qur’an, 38:82).

The Messenger of Allah (S) used to say,”I seek refuge with Your Honor, for You are the One Who is the One and Only God Who never dies, while the jinns and men die.”