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We are facing some a major problems with the urls of the site at the moment. Please drop us a note on the contact us page with the url you are facing an issue with. We are actively working on fixing these issues. Jazakallah (Updated : 3rd Nov 2018)

The 404 URLs have been fixed. Please send us an email if you still see issues (Updated : 3rd Nov 2018)

The page you are requesting cannot be found or correctly determined. In case you are accessing a page that ends in something like /3.htm, try removing it and check if it works. So for example, you are accessing, try visiting instead. In case you are accessing a url like, try removing the last portion of the url i.e seeking.htm and try only with Also, if you are visiting a url that has "sid=343" or something similar in it, please try removing it and check again. So for example, you are accessing, try visiting instead.

In case you are looking for a specific resource that you cannot find, please consider dropping us a quick note at and let us know of your problem. We do not guarantee a response due to the volume of emails we get, but we definitely read your notes and suggestions. Rest assured, we are trying to fix ALL the page not found errors that you are facing and hope to have a stable site running as soon as possible. Please check back in a couple of weeks and (hopefully), the url you are accessing will work again!

Update (4th Nov 2013) : As promised, we have fixed a considerable number of 404s. However, there are still others that need to be fixed. Please check back later or drop us a note about the resource you cannot access.

Update (28th Nov 2013) : We're continuing to make progress fixing many more page not found errors. We will soon bring the hawza section back online along with the multimedia sections

Update (28th April 2015) : In case you continue to see this page for a url that you think should work, write to us using our contact page.