“This is the spiritual way of reaching human perfection, which I have obtained from God, the last Prophet, his religion, and the Qur’an. I invite to it, out of insight, all humans who have a clear conscience.”

I present this book to all wise and righteous people who believe the religion of Islam to have come from a noble source, to have been revealed and commissioned by the All-merciful God, and to be the last divine doctrine and life-conducting program, which was sent down for achieving social guidance, education, and perfection. I present this book to all those who seek to approach Islam, the noblest of all religions, which is introduced to the Muslim nation through the articulate speech of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and his Household.

The material of this book is derived from the Glorious Qur’an and the Prophet’s conduct (Sunnah). It represents a derivation of the religion and a brief account of its laws, without demonstration of proofs.

This book is one of a kind because it presents the issues the society is confronted with, in a brief and simple language, both in the field of thought and practice.