Cats and Chickens

One day Mahdi asked his father, “Dear father, our teacher was talking about obeying parents’ instructions today. He was saying that it is obligatory for children to listen to their parents’ instructions, and respect them. Anybody who does not behave so is sinful.”

His father replied, “Yes. That’s right.”

Mahdi asked, “Why must children obey their parents?”

Father said, “Have a look at this hen. When the cat approaches its chicks, she intervenes and distances the cat from her chicks. Do you know why?”

Mahdi replied, “Yes, because she loves her chicks and wants to protect them from being eaten by the cat.”

Father said, “All animals behave so towards their children; when they are in trouble whether big or small, they try to protect them from it. Humans are the same. When people realise their children are in danger, they will quickly put a stop to it. A parents’ wisdom is greater than a child’s; parents have a better understanding of harm and benefit. Children must listen to their parent’s advice in order to prevent themselves from getting into difficulty and danger.”