Ducks (1)

Once, Mahdi and Ali went for a walk in a garden where some ducks were in a pond. Mahdi saw that the ducks did not get wet when they put their heads under the water. Instead, the water would slide down their backs, like pearl beads onto their colorful feathers.

Mahdi was really surprised, because he had already seen that whenever a pigeon or sparrow washed themselves in water, their feathers would always get wet.

He turned to Ali and said, “Why don’t the ducks get wet, no matter how many times they go under the water?”

Ali looked at the ducks and said, “You are right, their feathers are not wet - but I do not know why. Let us go and ask the farmer.

The farmer was a wise man; he thought for a moment about the boy’s question. Then, together with children, he went and stood beside the pond. The farmer said, “You are right, but I do not know the answer - and one who does not know a thing must not speculate. You had better ask your teacher.”

The children decided to ask their teacher the next day.


1) Where did Mahdi and Ali go?

2) What did they see in the garden?

3) Why didn’t the duck’s feathers get wet in the water?