Electric Cables

Father said, “Mahdi, go and help this child to the other side of the road. God likes those who help and accompany others.”

“Mother dear, yesterday when father and I were walking in an alley, father said that God likes those who help others. A few days ago, you too said that God likes us to be kind and good-natured. Mother, how do you know there is a God? If there is a God, why can’t we see him?”

His mother laughed and said, “Look out of this window and tell me whether this cable has electricity flowing through it or not?”

Mahdi looked at the cables and left the room.

After a couple of minutes he returned and confirmed that the cables did indeed have electricity flowing through them.

Mother asked, “Where did you go?”

Mahdi said, “I went into the alley and found a bulb that was lit, so I knew the cable had electricity flowing through it.”

Mother said, “But you could have seen it from this window. What was the need to see the bulb in the alley?”

Mahdi said, “Since electricity is not visible in the cable, you have to look at the bulb.”

Mother laughed and said, “You have understood well. There is electricity in the cable, but it is not visible; likewise there is a God but he is not visible.”

Mahdi said, “I did not see electricity in the cable, but as the bulb was alight, I knew there was electricity. You have not seen God, so how do you know he is present?”

Mother said, “We too do not see God with our eyes, but we realize that there is a power in this universe which is God, due to the wisdom that is evident in the creation of the universe, and the orderly way in which the universe is managed.”