Introduction by the Authors

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Religious books which have so far been compiled for teaching in school, have dealt mainly with various regulations of cleanliness, defilement, explanation of prayer and fasting etc. None of them have argued about theology in detail.

If one does not believe in God, religion will not make any sense to him, as the holy prophet of Islam was primarily calling people to God, saying. “Oh! Say ‘there is no God except Allah’ to be saved.”

For this reason, the authors decided to compile an independent book about theology in order to make God familiar to children in a child friendly language and manner. Several stories have been collected in this book to make this point:

“In the creation of the universe, knowledge and prudence have been used.”

For example, when we say, “Duck feathers do not wet”, we mean ducks themselves not have the ability or intelligence to produce the fat to cover their feathers in. Therefore, an intelligent being has to provide them with this in order to enable them to survive on water and swim.

Additionally, breast feeding the offspring of animals, the transfer of insects from fathers to children, the bending of trees and all of these are beyond the intelligence and capability of creatures; consequently an intelligent thing must have contributed towards this - which is God.

Thus, we require all respected parents to read carefully all stories in advance, bearing in mind the rational points, which can be used as proof of the presence of knowledge in the creation of creatures, and to explain them to students.

A few stories about prayer and righteousness have been narrated here. Many people, through extraordinary powers, realize that there is a higher power and thereby believe in God. This realization comes about through their heart and inner condition – having suffered through many troubles and having done many good works. Therefore, teaching by example and through personal experience can help students to understand this in detail also.