One day while on holiday, Mahdi’s and Ali’s parents took them to a village nearby. Once they arrived, they started playing.

On one side of the village, there was a meadow in which some cattle and sheep were grazing. The children went to see them. They began to run after the kids and lambs and wanted to hug them, but they couldn’t catch them. The shepherd caught a few kids and gave one to each child.

The kids were very beautiful, yet cheeky. The children wanted to take them home, but the shepherd said, “They are still babies and they need their mom to feed them. They are quite difficult to look after.”

Suddenly the shepherd ran off to the edge of the meadow. After a while, he called the children over. When they arrived, they saw that one of the goats had given birth and was licking its baby.

The kid could not easily stand on its feet, but after a few minutes, it went to its mother’s breast and started drinking the milk.

Mahdi turned towards Ali and said, “Ali! Look at this new born kid. How does it know that its mother’s breast is under its abdomen and has milk in it?”

Ali said, “Although we are humans and are educated, if we had not seen a cow or a sheep, we would not know where their breast is, whether it is under their abdomen or on their chest. But this new born knows where to find its mother’s breast. Where has it gained its knowledge and intelligence?”

The farmer, who was listening to their conversation, interrupted them and said, “This is God-given intelligence. If God had not given kids, lambs and other animals such an intelligence, they would have died from hunger.”