One Friday, Mahdi went to his classmate Mohammad’s home.

Mohammad told Mahdi, “Our cat has given birth to three beautiful kittens. Let us go and watch them.”

Mahdi agreed, and together they went to see them.

The cat was asleep and the kittens were feeding from their Mother’s breast. Mahdi and Mohammad watched them for a while.

Mahdi wanted to cuddle one of them.

Mohammad said, “Do not do that. Kittens do not like to be cuddled.”

Mahdi asked, “Why is its mother’s breast filled with milk once it gives birth to kittens?”

Mohammad said, “Because kitten have no teeth and cannot chew food; the best food is milk.”

Mahdi said, “But how does the cat know that its kittens cannot chew food? Or know how to produce milk for her kittens?”

Mohammad’s mother, who had been listening to the conversation, answered, “Yes, it is obvious that cats do not possess such an understanding. And even if they did, they would not be able to produced milk in their breasts of their own will. These are the works of God. He knows new born kittens are unable to chew food, and so He has created breasts on the mother cat, which produce milk once her kitten is born.


1) Whose home did Mahdi go to and what did he see?

2) Why must a baby drink milk?

3) What happens if a baby eats solid food?

4) Who has put milk in the mothers’ breast?