Walking in the Garden

One Friday, Hassan, Mahdi, Ali and their parents visited the same garden they had gone the week before.

It was a beautiful and pleasant place. They spread a rug under a tree and sat down. This time the children brought their school bags as their parents advised.

They started doing their homework.

Whenever they tired from reading or writing, they would play for a while and again return to their work. When they had finished their work, they went for a walk with their father.

On the far side of the garden, Mahdi saw a small pine tree next to a big one. The trunk of the small pine was slightly bent to the right.

Mahdi turned to his father and said, “Why is this tree bent to the right, whereas this pine tree is straight? It looks like someone has bent it to one side.”

His father replied, “No, nobody has bent it, but it has bent itself. Like us, plants need water and sunshine to survive and flourish. This small tree has bent to the right in order for its leaves to be able to reach the sunlight. Otherwise the small tree would have stayed straight underneath the big tree.”

Mahdi said, “Do trees have the intelligence to realize sunshine is necessary for their survival? Or do they have eyes in order to see which side the sun is?”

His father replied, “Trees do not have wisdom and intelligence like human beings, but God has created them in a way that allows them to bend themselves towards the sun where little sunlight is available.”

Mahdi pondered, and after a little thinking said to Hassan, “Trees and plants actually have no wisdom and intelligence. This must be God’s work.”

Hassan said, “Yes, it is so. These things help us understand that the world has a God. Likewise, when you found that painting in your bag, you said that an intelligent one must have painted it, as it was not feasible for it to be made by one who did not have the wisdom to do so.

When one see this, one realizes that a wise and intelligent thing has created this tree to be able to bend towards the sunlight. That thing is God.”