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|       In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the All-Merciful       |\
|  Greeting of Allah be upon Muhammad and the pure members of his House |\

Salaamun alaykum, 

	The following questions about going to Hajj were kindly answered 
by Shayk Odeh Muhawesh.


Mustafa Rawji
Moderator, ABDG-A


The following questions were raised in a group discussion on Hajj, i.e.
Hajj-e-Tamatto'. Please provide the answers according to what all major
Ulema agree, and indicate where they disagree. I appreciate your effort
in this time-consuming act. In the following, all subjects have  presumably
not performed their Hajj before, are devout Muslims and just wonder
about their duty.

Question 1:
   Can a Muslim postpone his Hajj to an undecided year because of an
important business which he has during Hajj time this year?

	If going to Hajj will seriously destroy or realistically damage
his business, then he can postpone it. He can not however intend to delay
his hajj to an undecided year, his intention should be to make hajj the
first year of his ability to make hajj. 

The final judgement should be to the individual himself as to the safety 
of his business.
Question 2:
  If a Muslima demands her Mahriyyeh from her husband, she can go to
Hajj by this money. This may or may not cause hardship for the husband.
Should she demand her money and go to Hajj?

	If the husband can pay when she demands payment, then it is her
right to collect that money whenever she wishes. If the husband has the
money and is able to pay her, and the amount is enough for her to go to
hajj, then she is "able" and therefore obligated to go to hajj. 

Her husband can not delay giving her the money unless he knows that
she will deviate from proper conduct.
Question 3:
   A man has enough money for Hajj, but his wife and small children
have nobody else to take care of them during his trip. Should he go?

	If he fears for their safety and security, then he can not go. 
Question 4:
     	 A man has more money than living expenses now but he fears that
spending for Hajj may cause low living standards for him or his family in
the future. For example, he is planning to buy a house instead of renting.
Should he go to Hajj?

	One condition of being "ABLE" is that one has the means beyond 
ones usual social standing. If his social standing dictates that he must
have a house, then he can  save the money{Observe Khums}, build the
house and then go to hajj. If however he can, without hardship, live in an
apartment, then he must go to hajj first.
Question 5:
  	 A man knows some very needy people who will benefit from his
money, if he spends this money for those people. Can he do so  instead
of going to Hajj?

	If those "momineen" are in need of the money for survival, then he
must spend the money on them. If he can give them enough to sustain them
and still go to hajj, he must do so. 
Question 6:
   A man has enough money for Hajj now, but he is on a scholarship
from his employers which will require him to either work for them or pay
all the money back. He would not like to work for them in the future, for
personal reasons. So he would likely loose his ability to go to Hajj. Is he
required to go to Hajj with the money he has now?

	If he has a ligitimate reason not to work with that orgnization,
and by terminating his employment he looses his "Ability" to go to Hajj,
then he is not required to continue his contract and is not obligated to
go to hajj until he is "able" again. Final judgement is left to the person
as to the reason he does not wish to continue working for the orgization.
If there is unbearable circumstances for instance in working for that
orgnization, then he does not have to continue his contract. 

All answers are in accordance with our known and honorable Marjes.

Allah knows best

Abu Muhammad

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