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['Aalim Network QR] Halal Meat

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Assalamu Alaykum

The following question/s were kindly answered by Shaykh Mohamed Suleman Peneh

Ummulbanin Merali - Acting Moderator -[ABDG-A]



I go to a place at Rutgers where some Muslims claim they have dhabha meat. 
However, they sell pork and some of my friends say i should not buy meat
from them for the fact that they fry pork(bacon, sausage,etc) on the same
grill which they fry my meat.  However I nver really paid attention to
them when they fry my things.  My questin is is it obligatory on me to ask
if they clean the grill and their hands before they fry my meat? 

I am worried about making them uncomfortable with my question, just as
some muslims may feel uncomfortalble if you ask them if their meat is
halal or dhabiha.  I know a general islamic ruling , well as far as sh'ii
are conerned is that you are not supposed to ask them if their meat is
halal but with sunis it may not apply because they consider dhabiha and
halal different sometimes. 

But if they, like us know that pork is haram to eat, is it still wajib for
me to ask if they are taking care of my meat in a separate way?  Ihave
gone to them for a couple of years and this year a friend brought up this
issue, which I never thought about. 


Ayt. Khamenei on page 83 of his responses to istefta'at question 288 rules
that in non Islamic countries all meat are to be considered "Ghair
Muzzaki" and not halal unless otherwise is established.

In the case at hand if you are certain that the meat served there is
halal, you may consider it so otherwise you should reach certainty.

Once you are certain that the meat is halal then it remains the issue of
whether they fry your meat on the same grill used for pork or not. If you
have doubt whether they clean it or not according to the requirement of
Shari'a, I believe you may consider it to be Taher and Pak. BUT if you
know they do not clean the grill it is najis.

As to the issue of seeking information about the cleaning procedure you do
not need to ask them if you have doubt One more point I believe people are
not encouraged to volunteer information if they are not asked. The friends
of yours who volunteered the information about frying pork on the grill
would have been better not to do so if you had not asked him. 

With Regards

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