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['Aalim Network QR] Colors of Islam

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Salam Alaikum

The following question was kindly answered by Dr. Takim. 

Mahmood Kara
Acting Moderator - The Alim Network


>>>Knowing that black is used by shia's and universally by mostly believers of
>>>God for consolation. That green is used by shia's in many occasions. Are
>>>there any records, stories, or arguments that could clear the picture and
>>>assure a "settlement" for queries on these two. Specially when raised by the
>>>Sunni brothers or non-believers of God ?
>>>White, yellow and red flags were also used in at least the invasions/wars
>>>era of the prophet (pbuh&hf), Imam Ali (as) and Imam Hosain (as). Imam Ali  
>>>(as) was known to wear yellow garment and fasten a yellow bandage around his
>>>his head in wars and at tough tims. Any views on why such choices were made ?
>>>Is it true that there were actual yellow, white and red lights emitted from
>>>Fatima Al Zahra -a- such that people would notice particulary the yellow 


Salaamun 'Alaykum

The color which the 'Alids (descendants of Imam Ali) wore frequently was
white or in some reports green. For example, the followers of Abu Saraya
(who led a revolt against the Ummayyads on behalf of the Alids) were called
the Mubayyida (the white ones) in reference to the standard of Imam 'Ali.

When al-Ma'mun asked Imam al-Rida to perform the Friday salat, he wore a
white turban and white clothes ('Uyun akhbar al-Rida !!, p. 49).

Similarly, to mark the festival when Imam al-Rida would be proclaimed as
Ma'mun's successor, the Imam wore a white cotton turban. (See al-Mufid,
Kitab al-Irshad p. 474)

On the other hand, to side with the 'Alids and get their support, al-Ma'mun
changed the color of the 'Abbasid emblem from black to green. When Imam
al-Rida was poisoned, he changed it back to black, the 'Abbasid emblem.
Al-Mufid also has reports which indicate that the Imam would publicly dress
in green.

In a long tradition related by Mufaddal b. 'Umar from Imam al-Sadiq, he
states that when our 12th Imam (A.S.) will re-appear in Mecca, he will wear
a yellow turban.

It would appear from most traditions that white (and in some reports green)
were frequently worn by the Imams as a badge of identity.

As for the traditions cited by you concerning the lady of the light, I have
not come across it. 

And Allah knows best


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