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['Aalim Network QR] Jihad in Palestine/Lebanon

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Salaamun alaykum,

	The reply to the following question was kindly provided by Shaykh


Mustafa Rawji
Acting Moderator, 'Aalim Network



Assalaamu 'Alaykum

How is Jihad to be performed specifically?  And I know that The
Prophet (SA'AWAWS)  and the Imams (ASWS) never killed any innocent people. 
Some people have said that no they didn't, but in these days war is much
more complicated and so it is okay to do things like bomb Israeli towns
(if you give them warnings before). However bombing an Israeli town kills
women,children,and even babies.  Are these people who say this right? 
What is the right way?  Please base answers on The Qur`an, aHadith,etc.. 



[]  The only type of Jihad permissible in the absence of the Imam (AS) is 
 the defensive Jihad. Jihad, however, does have rules that regulate it. For 
example, innocents are not to be killed, water is not to be poisoned unless 
there is no other alternative in gaining success.

In reality, I think we have to make some distinctions between the struggle 
in Palestine and the struggle in Lebanon. Certainly, if you want judge 
which situation is closer to the proper Islamic standard, then, the 
struggle in southern Lebanon is clearly more proper. Particularly, when you 
look at Hizbullah. Most of their targets are Israeli and Lebanese military 
targets not civilians. Even when there are attacks on civilian targets, 
there are many instances of Israeli attacks on the civilian population to 
justify the "retaliation" in kind. We hear that Israelis attack guerrilla 
positions but these "positions" are in villages and many innocents are also 
targeted. There's no outcry when their blood is spilled. When one Israeli 
is killed, however, the whole of humanity is urged to cry!

On the other hand, the situation in Palestine is a most desperate situation 
in that the world's powers have assisted in the creation and survival of 
this zionist state. Even the Muslims have signed over their birth-right, 
their dignity and handed over the best of Palestine to the zionist for a 
"Bantu stand"  in Gaza. Even in Gaza there is only subjugation and 
humiliation for a Palestinian.

The Holy Qur`an used very strong language when addressing the crimes of the 
Makkans against the Holy Prophet (S) and his companions. There are many 
verses condemning the non-believers for the crime of removing the believers 
from their homes. This crime is also mentioned regarding other Prophets as 
well. (See 22:39-40; 60:8-9;  2:84-85; 2:246)

The well known aim of Zionism is to do exactly that. They originally did
it with the brutal force of terrorism, now they are using the subtle force
of politics and economics. The crime, however, remains unchanged. We
should not lose sight of this crime in which nearly every Israeli citizen
is an active participant. The Palestinian situation is one of desperation
due to the fact that many of them abandoned the cause of Islam and took up
the banner of nationalism. Now, the Muslim world, at large, has abandoned
their cause. Even their leadership has been utterly broken and humiliated. 

It appears to me, and this is my own opinion, that there are only two
choices: fight desperately like a man who is looking death in the eyes or
accept death like a sacrificial lamb on the alter of Zionism. It's no easy
choice and there are no easy solutions. Palestinians have no freedom, no
hope and no future unless they can find the faith to fight back.  May
Allah give us all the strength to oppose injustice and Kufr. 


Ali Rasheed

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