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|                          w           w     w                          |\
|                           ||          ||   | ||                       |\
|                    o_,_7 _||  . _o_7 _|| 4_|_||  o_w_,                |\
|                   ( :   /    (_)    /           (   .                 |\
|                                                                       |\
|           ||  ||         |  ||   |T              |     | ||    |      |\
|   . _, _8 |_D_|| . _,_,_,_D_|| 4_|| q ]_o_7_o   _|_c 4_|_||   _|,_p q |\
|  (_): /         (_): . :            /        (_S           (_S      / |\
|                                                                       |\
|       In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the All-Merciful       |\
|  Greeting of Allah be upon Muhammad and the pure members of his House |\
Assalamu 'alaykum
The following question was answered by Shaykh Mustafa Jaffer.

Salaams & Duas
Ummulbanin Merali - Moderator - 'Aalim Network

Does an Islamic organization require an ijazah from the maraje' in order 
to collect Khums for a project such as constructing a new 
imambargah/masjid/library etc.?


Khums is divided into two parts - Sehme Imam (AS) and Sehme Sadat. Every
believer is free to distribute the Sehme Sadat to any Sadat of his or her
choice as long as the two conditions of Istihqaq (deserving) and Sayyid
(true descendents of the Holy Prophet (SAW)) are fulfilled.

As for Sehme Imam (AS), it belongs to the Imam of the time and in his
absence, to his representatives who are our Maraji. The Maraji then appoint
Wukala (agents) who are given permission to collect. This permission
(Ijaza) may vary from agent to agent. Some have the authority only to
collect; some to collect and spend in projects they deem fit a percentage
varying from 5% to 100% of Sehme Imam (AS); yet others may obtain Ijaza
specific for a project. But without the Ijaza, one cannot collect Khums. It
is on the one who pays Khums to make sure that it is paid to the
representative of the Imam (AS) through an appointed agent.

Wa Minallaahit Tawfiq

Mustafa Jaffer

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