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['Aalim Network QR] Breaking Voluntary (Sunnat) Fasts

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Salaamun 'Alaykum

The following questions were submitted by two questioners, and were kindly
answered by Maulana Rizvi.

Fee Amaanillah,

Akil Karim
Moderator - 'Aalim Network

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In a voluntary fast (i.e., non-Ramadan), what is the adab of breaking fast
when 1) a non-Muslim invites you out to lunch, or 2) a Muslim invites you
out to lunch?  Does one break fast at that point, or continue fasting with
a polite remark that one is fasting?


If a person is doing a voluntary (sunnat) fast, and then a Muslim invites
him for food or offers something to eat --- then it is sunnat to accept the
invitation of the Muslim. You will get both the reward for fasting as well
as for accepting the invitation of the Muslim.


I understand it is better to break a non obligatory fast if food is
offerred by a momin. This is not clear:-

1. Any eatable offerred is included? or only a meal?

2. By any momin including people from one's own home?

3. At any time of the day?

4.Should one offer food knowingly to a fasting person?

5. Is there need to inform the offeror that one is fasting & break only
when he insists?


1. Any eatable item offered is acceptable in this case, even a date!

2. Normally, an offer by the member of your own family or those who live
with you in the same house is not considered "an invitation or offering".
In this light, people from your own home would most probably not be
included in this rule.

3. It can be at any time of the day.

4. There is nothing which says that we should not offer food to a person
who is doing a voluntary fast.

5. Of course, you have the right to inform the person that you are fasting.
If he/she withdraws the offer and does not insist, then you can continue to

S. M. Rizvi

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