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Salamun alaykum,

	The reply to the following questions was kindly provided by Br.
Shaun Astarabadi.


Mustafa Rawji
Moderator, 'Aalim Network



As salam alaykum!

Forgive me for my ignorance, but as a new follower of the Ahlul-Bayt, I
would like to acquire certain books, *in English*, pertaining to the

1. Are there particular books of hadith that are preferred over the Sunni
books of hadith? If so, what are their full citations? 

2. Could you please recommend a biography of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace
be upon him) and a biography of Imam Ali (A.S.)? 

3. Could you please suggest a translation of the Qur'an that followers of
the Ahlul-Bayt find acceptable? 

Please remember, I am looking for works in the English language.

My sincerest heartfelt thanks for your assistance in this regard.


Salam alaikum

I wish to study the religious books of Ahlul Bayt, specifically those
pertaining to the Hadith and other works of reference. Kindly send me
lists of available titles in English since I can only read English and
lack good knowledge in Arabic and Farsi. It would be good to know the
availability of such books and the publishers/bookshops that facilitates
mail order. 



Bismihi Ta'ala

Here is a list of some books in English. Many thanks to my dear Br. Ali
Abbas for his help in the recommendations. A list of few booksellers in
the US and Canada is also provided at the end.

1. HADITH BOOKS: There is an in-complete translation of 
   al Kafi in English, published by W.O.F.I.S from Iran. 

   Additionally, there is a new publication of some
   selected sayings of the Imams and Lady Fatima [a]
   titled 'Bundle of Flowers' published by the
   Imam Ali Research Center, Isfahan Iran. They
   are more or less sayings on ethics and spirituality.

2. SIRAH BOOKS: For the beloved Messenger [saw], there is
   'The Message', by Ayt Jafar Subhani, originally
   published by the al Khui Foundation and also done
   by Ansariyan Publications. A second title is 
   'Beacons of Light', by Tabrisi, published by W.O.F.I.S
   and transl. by Mahmoud Ayoub. This one also contains
   a Biography of Lady Fatima [a].

   For Imam Ali[a], 'The Brother of Muhammad', by the
   late Jawad Chirri, published by the Islamic Center
   of America in II vols, that has now been put in one
   vol by Ansariyan as well. This is more historical
   work. Also the work 'Voice of Human Justice' by the
   Christian writer, George Jordac, published by al
   Khui Foundation and also by Ansariyan Publications.
   This is a very important work, highlighting the
   achievements of Imam Ali [a] in the field of war,
   knowledge, rhetoric and politics.
   A Complete work on all the Imams [a] is Kitab al
   Irshad, by al Mufid. This has much detail on the
   life of Imam Ali [a], his achievements, his sayings,
   his miracles.

3. QUR'AN AND TRANSLATIONS: There are several titles,
   some complete and some in-complete. One of them is
   [complete] S.V. Ahmed Ali translation with Commentary
   by Ayt. Pooya Yazdi, published by Ansariyan, TTQ and
   also Peer Muhammad Ibrahim Trust.

   Another incomplete translation and work is by the
   Imam Ali Center of Islamic Research, for juz. 1 and
   juz 30. I STRONGLY recommend this work, and other
   juz's are on their way.
   A mere translation is one by M.H Shakir.
   I would STRONGLY recommend the work 'Quran in Islam'
   by the late Tabatabai. Published by Zahra, Islamic
   Propagation Org and Ansariyan publications. It
   discusses the role of Quran and its though on human
   life and perspective.

4. I would also suggest SOME WORKS ON THE SHIA SCHOOL 
   'Shia' by Tabatabai, published by SUNY and Ansariyan.

   The other is 'Shia: Origins and Development' by S.H.M
   Jafri, published by Kegan Paul and Ansariyan. A
   note worthy title is 'Ghadir', articles by Sachedina,
   Baqir as Sadr, Hussein Khimji and S.M Rizvi, also
   published by Ansariyan. 

   All the works of Syed Lari, 
   1. Seal of the Prophets,
   2. GOD and His Attributes, 
   3. Imamamte and Leadership,
   4. Resurrection Judgement and Hereafter 
   5. Ethic and Spirtual Growth.  

   These are all published by the Syed Lari Foundation, Qum, Iran.

   There are more titles, but these are a must for every 
   Shia student and follower.

They can be ordered from:

Islamic Book Distributors (USA). I know that they carry all
the titles I mentioned above!!
(703) 257 5537 ask for Br. Nahidian

Halalco Books (USA)
(703) 532 3202. They get their books from Islamic Book Distributors

Tayyiba Distributors (CANADA)

Mihrab Publishers (CANADA)
(905) 731-6920

Tehrike Tersile Quran (USA)
(718) 446 6472

A complete list of booksellers and other Islamic resources 
is available at:  

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