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['Aalim Network QR] Sile-Raham (Follow-up)

|                          w           w     w                          |\
|                           ||          ||   | ||                       |\
|                    o_,_7 _||  . _o_7 _|| 4_|_||  o_w_,                |\
|                   ( :   /    (_)    /           (   .                 |\
|                                                                       |\
|           ||  ||         |  ||   |T              |     | ||    |      |\
|   . _, _8 |_D_|| . _,_,_,_D_|| 4_|| q ]_o_7_o   _|_c 4_|_||   _|,_p q |\
|  (_): /         (_): . :            /        (_S           (_S      / |\
|                                                                       |\
|       In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the All-Merciful       |\
|  Greeting of Allah be upon Muhammad and the pure members of his House |\

Salamun alaykum,

	The reply to the follow-up question below was kindly provided by
Mulla Asghar.


Mustafa Rawji
Moderator, 'Aalim Network


Dear Sir:

Salam alaikum,

What if Sile-RAHAM is causing the degredation of you dignity?

Everytime I visit one of my relative, he is insulting me directly or
indirectly sometimes. But due to his older age I do not reply to him,
although I do sometime. I fell that my dignity is falling if I stay, then
I decided to cut my relation with him to avoid further fights.  This is a
very old family feud which does not seem to end. I talked to his brother
to bring him to his senses, but there is no life to whom we are calling. 

Am I sining by cuttting my relations ?


The crucial and central point in Sile Rahm is to maintain a generous and
charitable attitude towards your relatives. Be helpful when called upon.
Be caring when situation demands. 

It does not mean that you visit them or remain in contact at the expense
of your dignity. You may keep away to prevent further unpleasantness, but
please do not be vengeful. 

Asgharali M M Jaffer

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