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Salaam Alaykum

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Asalaam Alaykum

Recently I was having a discussion with a Sunni brother about the Shia 
belief of 'Adl which is according the Shaykh Kashif ul-Ghita that "God 
the Almighty is not unjust to anybody, nor does He commit any action 
which could be considered bad by man's primordial sense."

Does this mean that Allah (SWT) is compelled to do justice which is in 
accordance with man's primordial sense?  Or does Allah (SWT) do justice 
as He pleases, even if it may be different from man's definition of 

The Sunni brother told me that they don't believe in that 
definition of 'Adl and since 'Adl is an essential belief for a Muslim, 
does this make them kafir?  



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