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['Aalim Network QR] Salaat - Qualifications of the Imam

|                          w           w     w                          |\
|                           ||          ||   | ||                       |\
|                    o_,_7 _||  . _o_7 _|| 4_|_||  o_w_,                |\
|                   ( :   /    (_)    /           (   .                 |\
|                                                                       |\
|           ||  ||         |  ||   |T              |     | ||    |      |\
|   . _, _8 |_D_|| . _,_,_,_D_|| 4_|| q ]_o_7_o   _|_c 4_|_||   _|,_p q |\
|  (_): /         (_): . :            /        (_S           (_S      / |\
|                                                                       |\
|       In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the All-Merciful       |\
|  Greeting of Allah be upon Muhammad and the pure members of his House |\
Salamun alaykum,

The reply to the following question was kindly provided by Shaykh Muhawesh.


Mustafa Rawji
Acting Moderator, 'Aalim Network


>salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah.

Wa-alaikum as-salam wa rahmatullah wa-abaraktuh:

Q1.  Please answer my question according to Ayatollah Seestani's ruling. 
How can we tell if somebody meets all the requirements to lead the prayer? 
It is quite possible that the leader is not known at all to a person. 

ANSWER: I am not 100% sure of Ayatollah Seestani's ruling but the general
rule is that if you observe mumineen ( i.e. shia ethna ashari ) praying
behind him then it is sufficient enough for you to pray behind the person
unless you have sufficient reason to suspect that those who are praying
behind him are not aware that he is not qualified then you can not pray
behind him. 

You may also respectfully ask trustworthy mumineen about the person.


Q2.  Also can you explain the reason why our Sunni Brothers and Sisters
will pray behind anybody, but the Shiah are more reserved when it comes to
handing the responsibility of leading the prayer? 

ANSWER: The basic difference is that Shias require Adalah (justice),
correct pronounciation, and knowledge in the prayer leader, among other
requirements .  Among the prerequisite of Adalah is adherence to Islam &
the path of Ahlul-Bayt (A.S.) represented by the 12 Imams A.S. 

Sunnis do not require Adalah in the prayer leader.

Allah knows best.

>Thankyou, wa salaam.

Wa-alaikum as-salam.

Odeh A. Muhawesh

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