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['Aalim Network QR] In-Vitro Fertilization

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Salamun alaykum,

The reply to the following question is provided with reference to the
ruling of Ayatullah Seestani and Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi's book on "Marriage
and Morals in Islam".


Mustafa Rawji
Acting Moderator, 'Aalim Network


Salamun Alaykum:

Please reply the following questions for me which will be good information
to Shia women. 

Q1. If Shia woman cannot be pregnant because her fallopian tubes are
blocked or damaged, can she use in-vitro fertilization for her eggs with
her husband's sperms? 

Q2. Medical technology requires to remove eggs from ovary & fertilize
outside her body & introduce back into woman's uterus. During these
process few eggs will be destroyed & after fertilization few will required
to be destroy to avoid multiple births for the sake of woman's health. Is
it acceptable in Islam? Is it like killing a life? Is embroys destroyed by
Dr. desire to avoid serious health concern to woman or to embroys consider
as killing life in Islam. 

Thanks for an answer from good research in Jaffria fiqh!


1.  Masail of Ayatullah Seestani from "CONTEMPORARY LEGAL RULINGS IN SHI'I
LAW" regarding the permissibility of in-vitro fertilization from:


Artificial insemination

Q136: The husband's sperm and the wife's egg are taken and fertilization
is completed in a test-tube, then the egg is returned to the wife's womb. 

A: This is also permissible as such. (FM, p. 433)

 [Al-Fatawa al-Muyassarah (FM)]


2.  Excerpts from "Marriage and Morals in Islam" by Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi,
chapter 5, concerning the destruction of extra fertilized ova, from: 



   In most cases of artificial insemination, three ova are removed
   from the woman's body and all three are fertilized by the
   husband's sperms. But only one is used for reimplantation into
   the woman's womb. And if it fails in the first attempt, then the
   other fertilized ova are used. The question which has created
   much controversy is about the extra and unwanted fertilized
   ovum. What should be done with the extra fertilized ovum?
   Must it be used? Can it be destroyed? 

   According to the shari'ah, there should be no problem in
   destroying the extra fertilized ovum. It will not constitute
   abortion because, firstly, abortion only takes place after the
   implantation of the fertilized ovum in the womb and, secondly,
   abortion takes place in a woman's body not in a test-tube or a
   laboratory dish! 

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