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Salaam Alaykum

The following response was kindly provided by Shaykh Mustafa Jaffer and
through the exhaustive and detailed works of the Group of Islamic Scholars,

We thank them for the time the have dedicated towards enlightening us.

wa salaam

Mustafa F
Acting Moderator
'Aalim Network


     In the Name of Allah, The Abundantly Gracious, Whose
          grace is both Universal and Eternal.

Following are answers to your questions:

QUESTION 1. Islam has no Reincarnation. I have been reading articles about
people who accurately describe a previous birth.  Please send me details or
web references of answers on re-birth. If every soul is raised on The Day Of
Judgement for questioning what is the body form it takes incase the soul has
been in multiple rebirths.


Reincarnation is impossible because:
a) Quran refutes its possibility e.g. 2:28
b) Hadith condemns the belief
c) It is a logically impossible phenomenon

A) Quranic Refutation
You were correct in saying that Islam does not believe in
reincarnation. The Holy Qur'an implicitly informs us that there is
no reincarnation. We quote two verses below for your information:

(a) Chapter 23, Verses  99 & 100: Until when death comes to one
of them, he says: My Lord, return me (into the world); that I may
do good which I have left undone. By no means! It is but a word
he speaks; and after them shall be a Barzakh (phase of life between
this world and the Next) until the day they shall be raised (again).
   This verse informs us that there is no return to the material world
for the evil doer, and hence he cannot come in the form of any
being back to the earth.

(b)Baqara:28 "How can you deny God while you were lifeless
(before birth); He then granted you life (birth into the world);
thereafter He causes you to die (by transferring your soul to
Barzakh); then He will bring you back to life (on Resurrection)
after which you shall (ultimately) return back unto Him"
    This verse asserts the forward direction of the soul's journey
from the world to the Barzakh to the Hereafter and eventually to
God with no possibility of return in any form of incarnation.

B) Condemnation in Hadith
In addition, we also have traditions that clearly inform us that
Islam does not believe in reincarnation. We quote two such
traditions for your information below:

(a) Hasan bin Jahm said that Ma'moon asked Imam Al- Ridha (A):
'O Abal Hasan, what do you say of those who believe in
reincarnation?' [Imam] Al-Ridha (A) said: 'Whosoever believes in
reincarnation denies the Almighty Allah, and belies the reality of
Paradise and Hell.' (Biharul -Anwaar, vol.4, p. 320)

[The tradition points out two effects of belief in reincarnation:
- Denying Allah, since reincarnation is a wrong belief according
to Islam. Some believers in reincarnation held the view that
there was no beginning in this endless cycle of rebirths.
- Belying the reality of Paradise and Hell, since they believe that
-  instead of being raised and accounted for their deeds, they
would take the form of a body that corresponds with their
behavior in the previous world. According to them,
reincarnation is a continual process: they will always change
worlds, and take the shape of  the form that concurs with their
behavior in the preceding world.]

(b) Husayn bin Khalid says: 'Abul-Hasan [Imam al-Ridha] (A) said: 'Whosoever
believes in reincarnation is a kafir (disbeliever).' (Same source)

[The nature of the articles that you happen to read are not clear. It
seems the articles narrate personal descriptions of rebirth. This
should in no way lead to  the belief in reincarnation, for the
personal experiences stand as mere claims, without any substantial

C) Logical impossibility
Essentially the logical impossibility of reincarnation can be
illustrated with the following comparison: consider the human
body growing through its various developmental stages of infancy,
toddler stage, young child, adolescent, young adult, middle age and
finally old age. The individual soul develops simultaneously with
the body by administering its various physical, emotional and
intellectual functions thereby developing from a state of spiritual
immaturity and inexperience to an advanced spiritual state of
actualization of its potentials. Just like it is inconceivable for the
senile body to regress to an infantile state, likewise it is impossible
for the fully actualized soul of an individual to revert to a
rudimentary state of administering another body in its infant state.

As for the body form that the soul shall take on the Resurrection
day, the following points may help shed some light:

1. The material world, including the disintegrated bodies of the
dead would undergo a tremendous change. The following verse of
the Holy Qur'an informs us of this change:

On the day when the earth shall be changed into a different earth,
and (so will be) the heavens, and (all men) shall be marshaled forth
unto Allah, the One, The Dominant (14:48)

2. The particles of dust that have come about as a result of the
disintegration of man's dead body, too, form a part of the earth,
and hence would also undergo a similar change. On that day, the
earth particles of all the dead bodies would be brought together and
form the bodies of their respective souls with whom they would
unite, and stand before their Lord. The Holy Qur'an says:

 And he has struck for Us a similitude and forgotten his creation;
he says: 'Who will enliven the bones when they are rotten?' Say:
'He will enliven them Who originated them for the first time; He
knows all creation. (36:78-79)

3. As for the DETAILED description of the nature of the body
every soul shall take, we have no CLEAR narrative. This is known
to be due to the inadequate nature of  our words and concepts in
narrating the exact nature of the change. For your information, we
quote the footnote no. 1152 of the late scholar Ayatullah Mirza
Mahdi pooya in his gloss on the Holy Qu'ran:

 A thorough study of the verses referred to, supported by several
authentic traditions of different tones, leaves no room for any
doubt that the present earth and heavens in their evolutionary
course of movement, there is a stage towards the total Resurrection
Day, where all the terrestrial (earthly) and the celestial (heavenly)
distances will disappear and be changed into a different shape
when the past, present and future will disappear and all will come
together. There will be no physical barriers to separate them but
they will be classified and judged in accordance to their spiritual
and intellectual attainments which will come into evidence before
God. (A.P.).

QUESTION 2. A friend of mine lost his 16 yr old son. He is in communication
with the boy. Is this permissible in Islam? What is the scientific
explanation with respect to Islam


Your question is obscure. What kind of communication does your friend have
with the boy? Is it telepathy or something else? Please specify clearly.

With Salams,
          Yours truly
          Dr.Aqeel Moosa
          Dr.Murtadh Alidina
          Shaykh Khalfan
          30th Jamadi us Sani 1419.

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