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['Aalim Network QR] Eating at Restaurants

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Salaam Alaykum

The following was kindly provided by Shaykh Mustafa Jaffer

wa salaam

Mustafa F
Acting Moderator, 'Aalim Network


Salamun Alaikum,
I am really confused about eating outside. First of all I would like to
know that as I live in a Muslim country do I have to find out about the meat
the people use in their restaurants. 

Secondly, in a restaurant they have written that all the meat they
use is halal. What should I do now? Some people say that it (Burger King) is
not owned by a Muslim so how can u believe what they have written, it might
just to attract customers.

About some of the food chains I found out that the Americana group
is supplying them the meat and all. So I went to their site and asked them
that whether the meat they supply is halal or not. I am attaching their
answer below. I hope u don't mind answering my list of questions and help me
out of this as I am really confused. Thank you very much.

>Dear Mr.Raza,
>Thank you for your interests in Americana products.
>I hereby authenticate that all meat that we use for processing 
>different products,and also supplying our products to different outlets 
>is HALAL i.e.slaughtered according to Islamic rites.
>Americana products is being distributed to Hardees,KFC,Pizza 
>Hut,Chicken Tikka etc.
>Thanks & regards,
>Dr.Ahmed Abd El Wahab
>Marketing Manager



The more you ask others, the more confusion it will create. The only thing
is that you must be satisfied. Taking or eating meat products bought from
people in a Muslim country can be assumed to be Halaal. However, if there is
reasonable indication that the meat is imported from a non-Muslim country,
then one cannot eat the meat unless verified.

In your case, since you heard the meat and meat products were coming from
USA, you further investigated which came up with confirmation from the
representative of the Company. The issue at stake is are you satisfied with
the answer? If so, the meat is Halaal for you. If, for whatever reason, you
are still not satisfied, then until you acquire that satisfaction, the meat
will remain Haraam for you.

Trust this will help.

With Salaams and DUas

Mustafa J

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