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['Aalim Network QR] Halloween

|                          w           w     w                          |\
|                           ||          ||   | ||                       |\
|                    o_,_7 _||  . _o_7 _|| 4_|_||  o_w_,                |\
|                   ( :   /    (_)    /           (   .                 |\
|                                                                       |\
|           ||  ||         |  ||   |T              |     | ||    |      |\
|   . _, _8 |_D_|| . _,_,_,_D_|| 4_|| q ]_o_7_o   _|_c 4_|_||   _|,_p q |\
|  (_): /         (_): . :            /        (_S           (_S      / |\
|                                                                       |\
|       In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the All-Merciful       |\
|  Greeting of Allah be upon Muhammad and the pure members of his House |\
Salaamun 'Alaykum

The following question was kindly answered by Shaykh Hasnain.

Fee Amaanillah,

Akil Karim
Moderator - 'Aalim Network

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Is it Haram for our children to dress up in costumes and partake in trick or
treating on Halloween if the intent is harmless fun and to get candy?


Please note that only those things are Haram which are either clearly
indicated as forbidden in the Qur'an and Hadith (e.g. lying, cheating,
dealing in usury, backbiting, etc), or which can be classified under certain
principles which cause them to become haram (e.g if the harm is more than
the benefit, if it takes you away from Allah, etc). The application of such
principles is done by the learned mujtahidun (juri-consults) who look at a
particular issue from all aspects and decide whether it can be considered
Haram or not.

Coming to your question  whether we can allow children to dress up in
costumes and partake in trick or treating on Halloween even if the niyyah is 
to derive fun and gather candies, I would say that it is SURELY WRONG. Several reasons can be cited, three of which are:

1)It is believed that the ritual of Halloween was started by
satan-worshippers and adapted by some Christians. Participating in a ritual associated with satan worshippers is abominable and unIslamic. The Holy 
Prophet (s) was always concerned about Muslims having their own identity in their appearance and practices-- different from pagans, Christians and Jews. The Noble Prophet abhorred following the ways of non-Muslims.

2)Islam is a complete way of life. God perfected it in the final days of the
Holy Prophet (Qur'an 5:3). We do not need to copy the ways of satan
worshippers and Christians to have fun. Alhamdu lil.. the followers of the
Ahlul Bayt (a) have many happy occasions to celebrate and make their
children happy.

3) Muslims are a minority in North America and Europe. If we are not firm in
establishing and holding to our values, then God-forbid a time may come that
our children would melt in "the American melting pot" such that it will be
difficult to differentiate between Muslim and non-Muslim children.

God knows the best.

Hasnain Kassamali
Humble servant of the Ahlul Bayt (a).

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