In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful!

After the Muslim world fell into the hands of colonialists, a stream of Western thought based on these colonialists' cultural principles and nations concerning the universe, life, and society swept through it. This helped colonialism gain continuous ideological expansion in the battle it launched to abolish the existence of the Muslim nation and the secret of its nobility of descent represented in Islam.

Subsequently, other waves of Western trends of thought, as well as Western cultural nations arrived in the Muslim land that had been forcibly seized, in order to compete with other nations that had preceded them to the scene. Thus, at the expense of the Muslim nation, a struggle began between the newly arriving nations and the nation's proper intellectual and political existence.

It was necessary that Islam make its point on the battleground of this bitter struggle. It was also necessary that its point be strong and profound, evident and clear, complete and comprehensive of the universe, life, the human kind, society, the state and the system; so that the Muslim nation would have the opportunity to declare on this battleground God's word - advocating it and calling upon people to abide by it, as this nation has done from the dawn of its great history.

This book is nothing but a part of God's word. In it, the problem of the universe is treated as it must be treated in the light of Islam. In the following volumes2; Islam seeks the completion of its splendid treatment of the various problems of the universe and of life.

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  • 1. This translation is based on Falsafatuna by Muhammad Baqir as-Sadr, 10th edn., Dar at-Ta,'âruf, Beirut, 1980.
  • 2. Translator's note: such as OUT Society.