The Origin Of Human Ownership

Creative Labor

As explained before, God, being the Creator and Originator of everything, is automatically assumed to be the Owner of the same. Likewise, the innate logic determines the producer of an object to be its owner. In other words, a human being owning his person, is considered to be both owner of his labor as well as the product of his labor.

You may deploy and coordinate your mind and body to construct a hut. In the process, you naturally first clean the earth by removing the unwanted elements like stones and pebbles. Then you pour water over the cleaned soil to tum it into soft, adhesive clay. Then you mould the clay into bricks and let them dry in the sun. Then you proceed to set the bricks in rows upon rows in a systematic manner. You carry this on until the task of construction of the hut is completed. The hut, in turn, offers you the intrinsic services like comfort and protection against intense sunshine and wild animals which could not be achieved by plain soil and water.

The hut is the crystallization of your creativity acting to represent your relationship with the hut as its rightful owner acknowledged by innate logic. The hut can therefore be referred to as the fruit of your labor exerted in the course of successive days.

Creative labor is therefore reckoned to be the mainspring of ownership. To elaborate further, on the concept of creative labor we can say it creates a new consumption value and adds qualitatively and quantitatively to the existing aggregate consumption values. Both water and soil possess beneficial properties and your power of creativity when set in motion, turned the same into a hut with its unique advantages. In other words, the hut with all its want - satisfying qualities is the crystallization of your labor and creativity.

Creative labor thus recognized to be the origin of ownership, comes to be covered by and complies with the innate logic which precludes the possibility of parallelism and circumlocution.