The Origin Of Ownership

Divine Ownership, Its Origin And Scope

Innate logic ordains an individual who is the creator of something and thus responsible for its being as the owner of the same with a thorough claim to it. In other words as an individual has complete discretion with regard to himself, likewise he has an indisputable claim to whatever things he has produced.

On this account ownership of one's labor and its form, realized by him are regarded to be natural and innately logical. According to the philosophy of believers, God is the Creator and mainspring of the cosmos, and therefore the same constitutes an irrefutable evidence to His existence as the Unique Creator with an infinite ownership of the whole universe. This is our comprehension of innate logic.

Innate logic grants explicit ownership rights to the procreator in relation to what he has procreated. From this premise one can perceive to acknowledge God as the Owner of the universe.

Divine ownership, its origin and scope, from the Qur'anic viewpoint says in verse 68 of the chapter Yunus:

"They say: 'Allah has taken a son (to himself)!' Glory be to him; He is the Self-sufficient; His is what is in the heavens and what is in the earth; you have no authority for this; do you say against Allah what you do not know?” (10:68)

The grace of this verse lies in its ascribing the attribute of absolute non-indigence to God before proceeding to pose the question: 'Has he adopted off springs!' He is clean and exalted; whatever is in the universe is created by Him; you who can have no such claim. how can you attribute such things to Him?