The topic of our discussion is ownership. First, we bad thought of posing and discussing the whole range of Islamic economy. However, due to its vast scope, and also to bypass the discussion of those parts having no immediate relevance to our current topic, only the aspect of ownership is dealt with here. Our discussion incorporates the problem of value which comprises divine ownership, its origin and extent, man's ownership, its origin, extent and types (individual ownership and its types, collective ownership and its types) and the effects of ownership as expressed in the right to possession, right to cede and its compulsory transfer.

An in-depth attitude will be adopted while treating the sensitive areas of man's ownership, its origin and scope occupying topmost position in our discussion; and also the effects of such ownership expressed in terms of the right to possession and its exploitation, etc., respectively.

The concept of ownership prevails under various cultural milieus, in all different socio economic set-ups, be it feudalism, capitalism, socialism and non-secularism (religious), the issue of ownership and its connotation carry much weight. Its propriety, manner (either individual or public), devolution of the means of ownership to individuals or their centralization in the hands of the government and their respective extents are the aspects which are inescapably viewed and discussed under the above-mentioned set-ups.