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Parables: Important Questions – Simple Answers


Hujjat Al Islam Mohsin Qara’ati in his televised program Lessons from the Quran is using parables and similes, which has been a very successful method of getting the message of understanding across to the general population. In this publication, the author selected one hundred of the many similes and parables he has conveyed and presented them in a “Question and Answer” form.

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Parables: Important Questions, Simple Answers A translation of the work by Hujjat Al Islam Mohsen Qara’ati Translated by S.L. AL-Hakim For information on Hujjat Al Islam Mohsen Qara’ati, please visit 21st Publication, Year 2010 10,000 copies printed ISBN Of Original Publication 978-964-5652-41-6 All rights are reserved