Azim Sarvdalir

Azim Sarvdalir is a poet, writer and translator who is currently living in Mashhad, Iran. He was born at a village called Golkhandan (previously called Koosalu) in Hamadan province and educated in English literature in Qom Azad University. He, along with Dr. Legenhausen- Azim's Farsi student- Translated the following Islamic books in English while living in Qom:
1- The Philosophical Instructions (by Muhammad Taqi Misbah Yazdi)
2- The Greatest Jihad (combat with Self) (by Imam Khomeini)
3- A Jug of Love (Imam Khomeini's poetry)
4- The Hidden Words ( by Fayz Kashani)
Then he moved to Mashhad and followed compiling and translating Islamic books. His efforts resulted in the following works:
1- A lexicon of Terms of Islamic Mysticism and Philosophy
2- A glossary of Pilgrimage
3-Decorom for Visiting the Shrine of Imam Riza (A.S.)
4- Talk With The Pilgrims At The Holy Shrine of Imam Riza (A.S.)
5- Green Memories From The Blessings of Imam Riza (A.S.)
6- Ghadir In The Words Of Imam Riza (A.S.)
7- Welcome Pilgims (to the holy shrine of Imam Riza (A.S.))
8- The Wise Turkish Parables (Interpreted in Farsi language)
9- Meaning Through Structures- A text book for teaching translation
As a poet he published the following books:
1- Qizil Daghlar (The Golden Mountains) (Composed in Turkish language and footnoted in Farsi)
2- Az Asimane Abri -From The Rainy Skies- (Poems in Farsi language)
As a prose writer he has written the following story books:
1- Beyond Love ( A collection of short stories)
2- The Epic of Baba ( The life story an old Baseeji who fought and was martyred during the Iraq's war against Iran)
Azim sarvdalir is currently living in Mashhad and teaching the skill of translation via internet to the students around the country and reading the holy Qur'an to the English-speaking brothers and sisters around the world. He may be contacted via his email address(

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