Useful Maps for Pilgrims to Makkah & Madinah


1. Places of Worship in Haram al-Sharif

2. Illustration of the Kaaba

3. Another Illustration of the Kaaba

Maps of Makkah and Surrounding Holy Places

Greater Makkah

The Haram Area




Position of the Pillars inside Masjid al-Nabawi

The Area Inside And Surrounding The Holy Rawdah of The Holy Prophet’s (S) Mosque

(Not to scale)

1. The Pillar of “Sarīr” (Bed): During the time of i‘tikāf , the Holy Prophet (S) would stay near this pillar and his companions would spread date leaves there so that he could rest on them.

2. The Pillar of “Ĥaras” (Guard): Ĥaďrat ‘Alī (‘a) used to sit next to this pillar and guard the Holy Prophet (S).

3. The Pillar of “Wufūd” (Delegations): The Holy Prophet (S) would meet various heads of tribes and delegations next to this pillar, and would inform them about the teachings of Islam and discuss political issues with them.

4. The Pillar of “Maqām al-Jibrā’īl” (Station of Jibrā’īl): Ĥaďrat Jibrā’īl used to come to the Holy Prophet (S) from this place. This is also the location of the door of Ĥaďrat Fāťimah’s (s) house.

5. The Mihrāb of “Tahajjud” (Night Vigil): The Holy Prophet (S) would sometimes recite his Night Prayer here.

6. The Pillar of “Tawbah” (Repentance): Abū Lubābah carelessly disclosed confidential military plans made by the Holy Prophet (S) to the Jews and then having realised his mistake, tied himself to this pillar and sought repentance there until he was forgiven.

7. The Pillar of “Qur‘ah” / “‘Ā’ishah” / “Muhājirīn”: This pillar has been given these three names due to the following reasons:

• “Qur‘ah” (Lots), as it is narrated by ‘Ā’ishah that the Holy Prophet (S) said that there is a piece of land next to this pillar that if people knew the value of, they would draw lots to pray there.

• “‘Ā’ishah”, as she narrated this ĥadīth and disclosed the virtues of this place.

• “Muhājirīn” (Emigrants), as the Emigrants used to gather next to it.

8. The Pillar of “Mukhallaqah” (Fragrant): The Muslims would fragrant the air of the Mosque as well as themselves before they met the Holy Prophet (S) with incense placed on this pillar.

9. The Pillar of “Ĥanānah” (Compassion): Before the mimbar was built, the Holy Prophet (S) used to deliver his sermons whilst leaning on a tree. When the mimbar was made and the Holy Prophet (S) started delivering his sermons from it, the tree cried out. The Holy Prophet (S) ordered that the tree be buried in that exact place.

10. Maqām al-Bilāl (Station of Bilāl): This is the place where Bilāl would call the adhān.

11. Suffah (Platform / Ledge): Following the Emigration to Madīnah, poor Emigrants were given food and shelter in this place. It should be noted that the original location of the Suffah was at the eastern end of the Mosque as it stood at the time of the Holy Prophet (S), and adjacent to the northern wall.

Map of Jannat al-Baqi