Philosophy of Adhan (The Call to Prayer)

At certain times, specifically at five intervals a day, with every time change, and solar movement we find ourselves absorbed in our problems, and drawn into the vicissitudes of this world. Some of us are far removed from Allah, and profoundly attracted by life's distractions, to which we dedicate our attention and time. During all this we hear the adhan perfuming the earth, entering the heart as a declaration of monotheism, raising to the heights the name of Allah, rebuking those ignorant of Allah, calling people to perform the best of rites, namely meeting the Omnipotent.

We hear the adhan and listen to its sublime meaning, and beautiful hymn. We listen but the everlasting call never fades away...? It persists with a life of its own penetrating the thirsty hearts, like a light pouring into the straying souls, awakening in them an awareness of mind; a sharpened conscience, and renewing the flow of hope. It calls out 'Allahu­Akbar' (Allah is the Greatest).

Allah is the great, that cannot be described...

Allah is the great, whose greatness can never be perceived by any human being...

Allah is the great, whose existence cannot be apprehended by any mind.

Great, and how great He is! Is there anything in this entire world that can bar man from meeting Him, enjoying his mercy, delighting in blissful supplication to Him, and subsequently becoming enlightened in His brilliance?

The call ascends like a memory pouring into the mind, and as beacons of light encircling the soul...

'I bear witness that there is no god but Allah'. It awakens the mind from its stupor and the conscience from its lethargy... and the muadhin (the caller to prayer) goes on rhythmically.

'I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah'. It tells of the good news descending from heaven to earth. It is an invitation to people to follow the messenger of right and guidance. Let them hurry up to prayer, amidst this spiritually fragrant atmosphere and psychically enriching feeling.

The muadhin then reiterates the purpose of adhan by saying, 'Hasten to the ritual prayer... hasten to salvation... hasten to the best deed'. O Muslims come on! Get ready for the prayer. Meet your Lord and stand in front of Him. These are the most beautiful moments in your life and assuredly a fruitful deed awaits you. Come with your soul, heart, and mind... in it is your salvation and benediction.

At the end of adhan the muadhin repeats the basic lesson of the message 'Allah is the Great... there is no god but Allah', so that no earthly matter becomes greater than Allah in one's soul. Then he hastens and stands in front of Allah the Exalted.