In the Name of Allah

All Muslims believe, based on Quran verses, and traditions of the holy Prophet (S) that Jesus Christ is a resolute man, and an arch (prominent) Prophet. This divine messenger, by great suffering awakened the dormant consciences of his people, and led them to believe in God and resurrection (Last Day, Judgment Day).

His holiness Muhammad (S) and our Innocent Imams have brought forward the precious heritage of our ancestors, from the history, and presented them not only to the Islamic society, but also to all people worldwide, to use these guidelines, as a light to their path, towards deliverance and salvation in their lives.

We are fortunate since we lean on wise and precious speeches of Jesus Christ through what have been quoted in Shia anthologies without any deviation or digression.

Here, we represent some selected brief narrations (Ahadith) of these great prophet speeches. We hope that they would bring insight and perspicacity to our lives.