Inclusive Statement by Imam-Al-Sadiq

We would like to beautify this dissertation with an inclusive statement by Imām al-Sādiq (ع) so its seal may be musk:

In Misbāh al-Sharī`a, Imām al-Sādiq (ع) is quoted as having said the following:

"I am surprised, utterly surprised, about one who admires his deed while not knowing how it will be sealed for him. One who admires himself and his deed strays from the path of guidance and claims what does not belong to him. One who makes a false claim is a liar even if his claim is hidden [not articulated], even if he lives long, for the first that a conceited person undergoes is being stripped of that which he admired so he would know that he is helplessly poor, so he may testify against his own self, so the argument against him will be stronger, just as it was done to Eblis. Conceit is a seed loving which is apostasy; its ground is hypocrisy, its water is oppression, its branches are ignorance, its leaves are misguidance, its fruit is a curse and an everlasting abode in the Fire. So, one who opts to be conceited sows the seeds of disbelief, plants hypocrisy, and it has to bear fruit."

Surely the servant of Allāh has said the truth.

All Praise belongs to Allāh in the beginning and in the end; His is the favor manifestly and innately.

These pages have been written by the one who is in need of the mercy of Allāh: Sayyid Ahmed al-Fahri.