The human society is comprised of families. Islam attaches great importance to real pleasure and prosperity of human beings through Islamically balanced, highly ethical, well-educated and well-behaved families and happy homes. Like in all the fields of human activity, Islam has laid down clearly and in detail the rights and duties of men and women, husbands and wives and also parents and children. The happy homes having pleasant environment, in which husband, wife, children and other relatives live together merrily with good mutual understanding, tolerance and respect as well as fulfilling their respective duties towards each other, is indeed an index of the highest status the Almighty Allah has blessed, among the creatures, to all human beings.

Unfortunately, the lack of appreciation about these aspects, particularly by husbands and wives, leads to many problems for themselves as well as for the children-the future generations. In advanced and western countries, with more and more progress, greater technological and scientific achievements and very fast and ultramodern way of life, the rate of divorces and separations is alarming.

Considering the importance of the subject, the I.P.O. is taking the privilege of publishing this book (originally in Persian language) written by an eminent Islamic scholar, a noted author and a senior professor of Islamic Jurisprudence at, Hawzah Ilmiyyah (Islamic Theological Centre), Qum, Iran, Hujjatul-Islam Ibrahim Amini.

The author has taken great pains in conducting research and deep study on the subject of family ethics and husband-wife relationship. The first part deals with duties of women and the second part contains duties of men. Along with the duties, rights of husbands on wives and those of wives on husbands have also been described quoting relevant verses of the Holy Qur'an and Ahadith (traditions).

It is hoped that the book would be found very useful for all and every home would treasure this to derive the maximum benefit for creating and maintaining the serene and pleasant environment, full of Allah's blessings.

International Relations Department
Islamic Propagation Organization