This was a very short description of the Islamic teachings on the social life of Muslims. Without any doubt, each of the above codes has immeasurable influence on creating and maintaining true friendship. Now, we propose to remind the readers about the social manners of the Holy Prophet of Islam (S), so that we Muslims may try to follow his footsteps.

The Prophet of Islam (S) used to accept invitations of every person, whether he be a free man or slave, rich or poor. If a man came to him with a request, he at once got up to fulfil his need. He always accepted people’s excuses (and forgave the offenders), and he did not take revenge, instead he overlooked the mistakes of others.

Wherever he came face to face with anyone, it was the Prophet (S) who saluted first. He was always patient in face of the enmities of the enemies. He used to sit on the earth, without any shade of pride. If necessary, he himself mended his shoes and clothes. He never showed haughtiness before anyone; he used to visit the sick even if they lived far; he ate with the poor and beggars on one table and used to look after them.

The Prophet (S) never liked any distinguished cloth or food for himself. He used to shake hands with Muslims and gently pressed their hands because of his love for them.

The most liked in his sight was the person who was most helpful to his fellows. His gatherings portrayed forbearance, modesty, patience and trust. He respected the old and was considerate to the young. He was always cheerful and of courteous manner. He was not harsh; he did not hate anyone; he never shouted, nor uttered harsh and unreasonable words even for unbelievers and idol-worshippers. He never shamed or embarrassed people nor interrupted and cut the talk of anyone.

The Prophet (S) would ask about his acquaintances if they were absent. He never stretched his legs before any person. He was very generous to all human beings; loved his relatives and used to look after them.

He was very strict in fulfilling his promises and covenants. If someone talked to him, he listened attentively and while listening he always turned towards the speaker with his whole body.

These are the examples of the character and manner of the Last Prophet of Allah (S), as has been mentioned by historians and traditionalists. Let us hope that all the Muslims will follow his examples and thus lead the world onto the path of moral perfection and sublime humanity.