Chapter 7: The Effects of the Mothers Nutrition on the Foetus

During pregnancy the type of food taken by the mother has a marked effect on the nature, intelligence and capability of the child. This is because the brain of the child responds to the quality of nutrition provided to the foetus by the mother during its growth. Islam has clearly defined that the mother’s food intake during the pregnancy has a definite effect on the character of the child. Here some traditions on the subject are sited:

The Holy Prophet says:
“The mothers must ensure that during the final phase of pregnancy they must eat dates that their children grow to be gentle and sober."1

“Ensure that your expectant wives eat behdana seeds (Seeds of Quince, a Central Asiatic tree of the rose family the fruit of which resembles a hard fleshed yellow apple). Such wives bear children with good health and character.’2

Imam Ridha’ said:
“When pregnant women eat behdana seed it enhances intelligence and wisdom of the child."3

The prophet of Islam said: “The pregnant woman who eats melons will give birth to pretty and polite children."4

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