Ayatollah ‘Abd al-Husayn Amini


The beliefs and opinions of schools of thought in Islam vary. However, the roots of brotherhood – [which are] that the Quran so clearly says: “the believers are brethren” (49:10) – will never be excised, no matter how high the intellectual wrangle and the theological and sect-oriented squabble might be. This was the way of the salaf (pious predecessors), especially the Companions and their successors1.

We writers [come] from different regions and environments in the world. With all the differences we might have in our theological principles and religious practice, we have one common aspect, and that is that we believe in God and the Prophet of God (S). In the body of each and every one of us, let us have one spirit, one sentiment, and that is the spirit of Islam and sincerity in speech2.

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