Grand Ayatollah Husayn Nuri Hamadani

Muslim Unity

Islam says that Sunnis and Shi‘is are brothers, and they should not fall into disagreement and make it open because the enemy will misuse it. The more our interrelationships increase, the better it is for Islam because we have a common enemy, and they are against the principles of Islam. We are all brothers and we should act in unison. If we just stand aside and watch on this field of battle, the enemy will swallow us.

The Qur’an sees us all as brothers, and brotherhood is one of the most intense types of relationships between two people which the Qur’an emphasises. The Ahl al-Bayt (A) advised Shi‘is to interact with Sunnis, to attend their mosques and pray behind them, and they even said that the reward of such a prayer is the like of praying behind the Prophet (S). In the past Sunnis and Shi‘is studied in the same madrasah1.

  • 1. On the occasion of a visit by Sunni party members of the Islamic Consultative Council, 15/10/1393 (hijri solar calendar).