Grand Ayatollah Qurban-‘Ali Muhaqqiq Kabuli

Respecting Revered Figures

Restrain yourself from being disrespectful towards the revered figures of the Ahl al-Sunnah. Today, more than at any other time, the world of Islam is confronted by [difficult] circumstances. In this situation, one feels the necessity of unity and solidarity with the ummah despite our differences in nationality and race, and jurisprudential and madhhabi disagreements with each other. In the meantime, the scheming enemy and ignorant friends, unfamiliar with the basic principles of the clear religion of Islam, are like the two blades of a pair of scissors that threaten to cut the manifest rope, which is the unity and brotherhood of Muslims1.

In this period of time, the published legal opinions (risalat) of Islamic scholars struggle with communal extremism, nationalism and sectarianism that form the main roots of hypocrisy in the Muslim community2.