Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad ‘Ali Gurgani


Whoever bears testimony (shahadah) to the oneness of God and the (messengership of) the Prophet (S) becomes a Muslim, and once he becomes a Muslim, he is a brother of everyone1.

One should not persist in taking the road of fomenting division and creating an atmosphere of hostility. This is only to the benefit of international supremacism and Zionism. In the past, different Islamic sects used to come together out of respect despite their own particular ways of thought and live together peacefully. They would simply sit in discussion circles and have rational debates. Today we should also live peacefully with each other and be one united front. What we have instead are takfiri groups who, because of their hostility to other sects, especially the Shi‘is, use whatever pretence to kill and terrorise Muslims in many places such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Indonesia. This is condemnable. These actions of theirs only make the supremacist forces in the world happy and play into their hands.

The enemy is seeking to sow misunderstanding between the two schools of thought, Shi‘i and Sunni, through incitement. Therefore, the two sides, whether Shi‘i or Ahl al-Sunnah, should not disrespect each other’s revered figures. The responsibility of the maraji‘ and the scholars of religion in this instance is to raise awareness (of this issue). For a long time, the Islamic scholars have been forerunners in the path of protecting unity among the various branches of the ummah of Islam2.

We must set things in motion within our own borders and show each other respect and experience good feelings and emotions, because if we depart from the path of impartiality, we will be afflicted by a multitude of troubles3.

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