Imam Khomeini

Muslim Unity

We are one with Sunni Muslims. We are a unit, like a Muslim and his brother.

If someone says something that is divisive to Muslims, you should know that they are either ignorant or they would like to create discord between Muslims. It is not a Shi‘i-Sunni issue. We are brothers, all of us1.

To all speakers and writers: whether in private or public, you have a shar‘i religious obligation to avoid fomenting discord and division in your discourse and writing, even as hints or allusions. This is because today division is a deadly poison for the Muslim ummah. You should know that in the present environment fomenting division is nothing but following the nafs al-ammarah (the soul that commands to evil) or the inner devil and serving the superpowers – in particular, globally rapacious America. It is also a major sin through which Satan lets the name of Islam flow off tongues and pens. They should know that the Islamic Revolution will not tolerate this and will punish those guilty of this2.

In Islam there is no Shi‘i-Sunni division at all, and there should not be any division between Shi‘is and Sunnis. We should maintain a united voice. Our Imams advised us to keep our communities together, and whoever wants to cause strife is either ignorant or malicious3.

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