In conclusion, this thesis presented before the hands of the gentle readers has been aimed at putting forward a survey on the issue of the prohibition of recording the traditions of the Holy Prophet. It has been also intended to be analytical, deliberate study that follows up the topics, discourses, inquires about the issue, and concludes results.

The dear readers have joined us in this historical journey step by step and we certainly appreciate their broadmindedness all over this critical, necessary survey. We thus hope that they have personally touched the lineaments of the objective reality and comprehended, in the course of the study, a number of facts that will increase their acquaintance with certain matters and will help them hit upon the straightforward discernment.

We also hope that our noble scholars, teachers, and experts in the field of the Muslim jurisprudence and the Hadith will take their time before they accept or reject our discussions and claims with an honest scientific spirit far away from partisanship or sectarianism.

This is in fact the one and only way by which we all may reach at the best way and the most excellent method so as to be able to discriminate the right from the wrong and the fact from the untruth. This call is principally addressed to the master scholars at the al-Azhar University in Cairo, the Islamic University in the holy city of al-Madinah, the Islamic World League in the holy city of Makkah, and the al-Zaytunah Mosque in Tunis.

The call is also addressed to the honorable Shaykhs and Sayyids in the holy cities of al-Najaf and Qumm, as well as the virtuous scholars of Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and the entire Islamic homeland including all the scientific faculties and Islamic universities.

On the grounds of the Holy Prophet’s instruction that, “May Allah have mercy upon him who shows me my faults,” I hope that my brethren will confer upon me with the benefit of their judicious opinions on this study through which I will attain more accuracy and precision so long as our main purpose is to demonstrate, search for, investigate, and defend the word of truth even if this will cause us to lose every precious thing we have.

This is because we are facing an issue that is related to the sources of our Islamic knowledge and, more importantly, to our situations in the Eternal Life when we shall be stopped before our Lord, the Almighty, for account.

We pray to Almighty Allah to manifest the truth before our eyes so clearly that we follow it, and to show us the wrong so clearly that we avoid it. The last of our prayer is “Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.”